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Behind every fearless player is a fearless coach who refused to let them be anything but the best they can be.

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A podcast about sacrifice and passion in the consistent chase of everything. Our goal is to continue to create content that inspires, educates, and brings people together.

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Passion Sacrifice Commitment Determination

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Steve Woolley's Remarkable Journey from the Ring to the Marathon Trail

Steve Woolley's Remarkable Journey from the Ring to the Marathon Trail

November 24, 20234 min read

In this special throwback edition of the Any Given Chance podcast, we revisit an episode that left an indelible mark on our listeners. In episode 19, our host Matty Manion dives into an inspiring conversation with Steve Woolley, a man of many talents, from spinning decks to conquering marathons. Let's take a journey through the insightful and diverse experiences that Steve shares with us.

Spinning Into the Decks and Chasing Marathons

The episode kicks off with Matty acknowledging Steve's versatility, seamlessly transitioning from spinning decks with old-school vinyl to achieving an impressive under-three-hour marathon. Steve humorously recalls his marathon journey, aiming for a pace close to 250, proving that age is no barrier to setting ambitious goals.

Steve's advice on running at a conversational pace highlights the joy of group runs, where laughter and camaraderie turn a solo slog into an enjoyable experience. Matty, clearly impressed, reflects on Steve's dedication and determination, setting the tone for an engaging conversation.

Photo of Steve running in a marathon. Image Source: Steve’s Instagram @steve_woolley

Photo of Steve running in a marathon. Image Source: Steve’s Instagram @steve_woolley

Muay Thai, Adversity, and the Journey

Matty delves into Steve's background, unraveling his journey from Muay Thai fighting to becoming the owner of Eat, Sleep, Run, Repeat. Steve shares a pivotal moment in his life when the tragic loss of a friend led him to realize the fragility of life. This realization became a driving force, prompting him to pursue his goals in Muay Thai.

The conversation shifts to Steve's early days in Muay Thai, where he navigated the challenges of balancing training with his love for DJing and partying. A moment of clarity came when Steve decided to take his training seriously, transitioning from a party animal to a disciplined athlete, extending his career in the sport.

Steve Woolley Instagram Photo | @steve_woolley

Steve Woolley Instagram Photo | @steve_woolley

Leading the Pack in Fight Gyms

Steve and Matty discuss the dynamics of fight gyms, emphasizing the importance of having a "killer" or a leader in the pack. The impact of confidence and success in a gym is palpable, creating a snowball effect that propels everyone to new heights. Steve reflects on the shift in mindset, from focusing on individual performance to fostering a winning culture within the gym.

The Intensity of Fight Nights

The podcast delves into the intensity of fight nights, with Steve sharing insights into the pre-fight jitters and the surreal experience of facing an opponent in the ring. The atmosphere, the crowds, and the various levels of fight fans add a unique flavor to the discussion. Both Steve and Matty share anecdotes about rowdy spectators and the eclectic mix of fans at fight events.

Life Beyond Fighting: A MidlIfe Crisis and Fatherhood

Steve opens up about the challenges he faced after retiring from fighting, experiencing a midlife crisis as he grappled with a loss of identity. The transition from a life of constant goals and training to a more subdued existence prompted self-reflection. Running became a new outlet, offering Steve a purpose and a sense of accomplishment.

Fatherhood takes center stage as Steve and Matty discuss the profound impact of having children. The joys and challenges of being a parent, coupled with the realization that life can change in an instant, add depth to the conversation. Steve's admiration for his wife and insights into the sacrifices of motherhood resonate with listeners.

Steve Woolley's Instagram Photo with his baby and his dog. | @steve_woolley

Steve Woolley's Instagram Photo with his baby and his dog. | @steve_woolley

Concussions and the Decision to Stop Fighting

The discussion shifts to the risks associated with combat sports, particularly head injuries. Steve candidly shares his decision to stop fighting, citing concerns about the long-term effects on brain health. A poignant moment arises when Steve recounts a conversation with a fellow fighter who exhibited speech difficulties, serving as a wake-up call to prioritize health over continued competition.

The Legacy of Fight Gym Culture

The episode concludes with reflections on the lasting impact of fight gym culture. Steve emphasizes the importance of instilling discipline and self-defense skills in children, even if they choose not to pursue combat sports professionally. The conversation touches on the psychological aspect of fighting, the camaraderie within gyms, and the enduring life lessons learned through the sport.

As we wrap up this journey with Steve Woolley, the parallels between his experiences in fighting and running reveal a cohesive narrative of resilience, growth, and the pursuit of a meaningful life. To witness the full spectrum of this inspiring conversation, head over to our YouTube channel for the complete episode. For more updates on Steve Woolley's adventures and behind-the-scenes content, follow his Instagram account @steve_woolley, and don't forget to tune in to the Any Given Chance Podcast's Instagram @anygivenchance_podcast. Join us in celebrating the extraordinary stories that shape the world of sports and beyond!

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