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Amy Tobin's Inspiring Journey and the "Now I Can Run" Foundation

Amy Tobin's Inspiring Journey and the "Now I Can Run" Foundation

November 22, 20234 min read

In 5th captivating episode of the "Any Given Chance Podcast," host Matty Manion introduces us to the incredible Amy Tobin, a woman whose story is nothing short of awe-inspiring. Amy's journey from facing adversity to becoming an Australian record holder in race running and founding the "Now I Can Run" foundation is a testament to her indomitable spirit.

A Remarkable Introduction

Matty sets the stage by welcoming Amy Tobin, a trailblazer in every sense. Amy's decision to embark on the marathon journey with cerebral palsy, a condition that tightens her muscles and causes abnormal movements, reflects her extraordinary determination. From running marathons to sprinting, Amy's resilience takes center stage as she defies expectations.

Amy shares snippets of her life, growing up on the Gold Coast, attending Kanindrabah Primary in Burleigh, and graduating from Miami High. Her journey took a unique turn as she pursued a Bachelor of Social Work at Griffith Uni before moving to Southern Cross in 2018. Amy's work in marketing was driven by financial goals until an unexpected incident during a holiday in Singapore changed her life.

Image Source: Amy Tobin’s Instagram

Image Source: Amy Tobin’s Instagram

Triumph Over Adversity

The turning point occurs when Amy's airline leaves both her wheelchairs behind, citing an inability to cater to her needs. This incident, though challenging, sparks an incredible transformation. Amy's resilience shines as she undergoes surgery and defies predictions of never walking again. Fueled by a newfound determination, she decides to take on the seemingly insurmountable challenge of running a marathon.

Journey into Running Marathons

Amy's marathon journey unfolds, starting with a 5K race in Bridge to Brisbane. Her training intensifies, overcoming the limitations imposed by her condition. The pivotal moment comes when doctors express skepticism about her ability to walk, triggering Amy's decision to conquer a marathon. Despite initial doubts, Amy perseveres, progressing from 5K to 10K, 21K, and eventually completing a full marathon.

The Birth of the "Now I Can Run" Foundation

Amy's life takes a transformative turn as she discovers race running in 2019, a sport that aligns with her love for quick, intense activities. With race running, Amy breaks barriers, setting an Australian record for the R1 classification. This newfound passion led her to establish the "Now I Can Run" foundation, dedicated to helping children with physical disabilities participate in race running.

Empowering Lives through Now I Can Run

The foundation's impact extends beyond records and races. Now I Can Run has become a beacon of hope for children with disabilities, providing coaching sessions, funding for race runners, and opportunities for social inclusion. Amy shares the profound effects, witnessing the joy and empowerment these children experience through the freedom of running.

Image Source: Amy Tobin’s Instagram

Image Source: Amy Tobin’s Instagram

Camps, Records, and Olympic Dreams

Amy's dedication continues with the foundation organizing its first-ever race running camp, an intensive skills workshop for over 20 children. The foundation not only facilitates access to race runners but also offers them for hire to families who cannot afford the costly equipment. Amy's passion for nurturing talent and potential shines through, with the camp aiming to prepare young athletes for the possibility of the Olympics in 2032.

A Plea for Support

Amy's mission requires support, both in terms of volunteers and funding. The podcast serves as a call to action, urging listeners to contribute to the Now I Can Run foundation. Amy's dream is not just to break records herself but to inspire and create opportunities for others to achieve their dreams.

Image Source: Amy Tobin’s Instagram

Image Source: Amy Tobin’s Instagram

Amy Tobin's Ongoing Journey

As the episode unfolds, listeners gain insight into Amy's life, her training, and her aspirations. The conversation touches on her upcoming races, including the North Queensland State Championships, and the foundation's ongoing efforts to make a lasting impact.

Amy Tobin's story is more than a narrative of personal triumph; it's a beacon of hope, resilience, and the transformative power of sport. Through her foundation, Amy is not just breaking records; she's breaking down barriers and paving the way for a future where every child, regardless of physical ability, can say, "Now I Can Run."

Watch the inspiring full episode featuring Amy Tobin on the "Any Given Chance Podcast." Hear her incredible journey from adversity to triumph! 

Support the "Now I Can Run" Foundation

Help empower children with disabilities through race running. Contribute to Amy Tobin's foundation and be a part of changing lives.

Stay connected and get updates! Follow the "Any Given Chance Podcast"@anygivenchance_podcast and Amy Tobin @iamamytobin on Instagram. Together, let's make a difference!

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